About The Adjuster Academy of Texas

The Adjuster Academy of Texas is a Texas Department of Insurance registered to continue education provider (#36187) offering All Lines and Texas Property & Casualty Adjuster Licensing, Adjuster Training, and Continuing Education for adjusters who are seeking real-world and quality training by experienced professionals at an affordable price.

You will not find the Adjuster Academy of Texas at an “airport hotel” or hopping from city to city. Our training courses are held at our “brick and mortar” facility in Boerne, Texas, just north of San Antonio. Our students use us as a resource not only during their training but in the field as well.

The first lesson taught during an AATX course is “never throw away a resource,” and we stand by that promise to both students and non-students alike. If you have questions about adjusting, we are happy to help.

We cannot promise immediate employment. However, Adjuster Academy of Texas is committed to providing you with the tools necessary to succeed with sound and honest career guidance and quality training for your adjusting career: before, during, and after your training.

In an effort to assist our students in their career goals, in 2011, the Adjuster Academy began a partnership with J&D Claim Services, Inc. to provide daily and Catastrophe adjusters to augment J&D’s ever-growing need for qualified adjusters.

From licensing, individual adjuster training, meeting your continuing education needs as well as Alumni Support (and non-alumni support), Adjuster Academy of Texas the best value for your training needs.

Our instructors don't just teach class, they are "working" Adjusters and the best in the business. All of our courses are designed in-house by Adjusters for Adjusters. We never sub-contract our training to an anonymous web-site designed to take your time and your money. Each instructor has been certified with at least five years of experience teaching as well as extensive experience in the field as claims handlers and adjuster managers.

The Adjuster Academy of Texas gives you what you need to successfully begin and maintain your career of handling claims. Providing the highest quality training available, our instructors and staff offer over 40 years experience working as claims adjusters in all types of catastrophe and non-catastrophe events including: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, wind and hail storms.

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We are committed to passing on the knowledge and experience from years in the field and providing the highest quality training available.

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Adjuster Academy of Texas builds better Adjusters!