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AATX – Wind and Hail: Adjuster Handbook

Jumpstart your Career with the AATX – Wind and Hail: Adjuster Handbook. Using the easy-to-follow, common sense, ABC, and 123 claims handling approaches found in this manual, will give new adjusters just what they need to begin a successful field adjuster career. Additionally, it gives seasoned adjusters additional ideas to make their claims-handling procedures flow.

This is not just another “read till you go to sleep” handbook. We have included “Using What You Know” sections to test your skills as well as an in-depth Estimatics Review.

Learn topics such as:

  • Pre-Catastrophe Expectations
  • Networking and Résumé Preparation
  • Pre-Deployment Preparation
  • Basic Math and Diagramming
  • How to measure a roof
  • Catastrophe Operations – Days 1 & 2
  • Claims
  • Claim Workflow Timeline​
  • Zoning Claims: Mapping between Xactimate and DeLORME or Streets and Trips
  • ​Initial Contact
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Call Scripts
  • Log Notes / Diary Entries
  • Dwelling Construction and Repair Practices
  • Working the Storm
  • Sample Scope Note Template
  • ​Reviewing the Claim – Policy Review
  • Truck-to-Truck Techniques
  • Basic Estimating Considerations
  • Roofing Losses – Hail and Wind Claims
  • Writing the Estimate
  • File Review and Claim Settlement
  • Common Policy Holder Q&A
  • Completed CAT Operations – Getting to the next storm
  • Estimatics Review​

As an added bonus: We have included the “Construction Terms Glossary".
Be prepared for whatever storm comes your way with the Adjuster Academy of Texas – Wind and Hail: Adjuster Handbook.